The manifesto of

Look at the picture on the header of this website. It’s so beautiful and amazing.

Outdoor life is absolutely great not just for out-going minds, but literally for anyone who want to deepen the relation of natures.

Every year, thousands of people go camping, hunting, even survival training outside. But when they prepare for the event, some of them may seems in the middle of nowhere. There are so many things they need to watch out. Such as bought the right gear for the camping and hunting, how to keep fit before on the field, how to maintain health when they actually enter the woods, etc

So, here in, we’d like to help. We will address the problems you or other like-minded will face, and make next journey –  no matter that is a camping or next hunting season – a great memory for the rest of your life.

In a nutshell, all we wanna to say is –  Outdoor life can be a wonderful journey, but when you change the game, you gotta make the rule.

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