You are a hunter but want to start woodworking DIY, but how?

Recently, a few hunters told me that during the time not hunting season, they wanted to transition with their woodwork shop, the question is how?

Luckily, I’m a hunter and a woodworking lover. So, to answer that question, I always suggest them start with getting used to band saw. More importantly picking up the best band saw that suits their needs most.

Still, there comes up another question –  how to choose the best one? Well, I’ll suggest you read as many as band saw reviews as possible! Why? Because let’s face it, there’re hundreds, if not thousands, of band  saws out there, produced by different manufacturers. So, you gotta be very careful about picking, specifically if you never use that kind of power tool before.

I found a great site on the internet the other day, hope you guys could find useful. The URL is, where everything about band saw is covered. So why don’t you visit that site if you decide to start some woodworking in your workshop?

band saw reviews

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9 Reasons Field Hunters Should Drink Herbalife Shakes

Fox hunting is a longstanding and noble tradition that requires as much mental stamina as it does physical endurance. Dieting and exercise are essential to performance, however, sometimes fail to provide vitamins and minerals that keep the body at its optimal performance. Herbalife shakes and other products provide nutrients that will keep you quick like a fox when it really matters.(If you’re familiar with that, you can check Herbalife shake recipes here)

1. You want your horse to be in shape. Shouldn’t you be, too?
The ballet that is fox hunting is a powerful dance between the strong, brave horse and the quick, nimble fox. A horse that is not up to the performance will turn a hunt stale. But is the rider not as important? You should be treating your body as well as you treat your horse. The attention spent to your horse should be matched by the attention you pay to your own nutrition. The fuel you put into your body is a good place to start.

2. Provides endurance in the field
A nutrition deficit can cause slow reaction time and overall sluggishness. When dealing with an animal that is known for its quickness, endurance is not optional. Herbalife shakes provide essential vitamins and minerals to keep the body going when you need it most.

3. Promotes strong bones
Our bones provide a foundation for our muscles. An aging frame can hinder endurance and stamina. Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex contains Calcium, Iron and Folic Acid, essential nutrients that help strengthen bones to keep you strong.

4. Helps lose weight
Herbalife shakes contain essential vitamins and minerals, but are low in calories. The Multivitamin Complex contains nutrients that promote good metabolism. Together, they can feed your body without overfilling it.

5. Acts as alternative to meals
Herbalife shakes are filling enough to be a meal substitute, and provide the nutrients to help you perform. Quicker than the standard bacon and eggs breakfast, they are convenient enough for daily consumption.

6. Helps you rebuild
Physical exertion can take a toll on the body. Vitamins and minerals help to regenerate the body. Formula 3 Cell activator contains ingredients that not only increase micronutrient absorption, but promote cell production.

7. Variety of flavors
There are seven different flavors to choose from, including Mint Chocolate, Wild Berry and Cafe Latte.

8. Variety of recipes
As if the number of flavors was not enough, there are also an infinite number of ways to make a shake. Herbalife shake recipes combine with juices, fruits, nuts and a multitude of other ingredients to keep shake up your meal plan. You can find the recipes at

9. Proper nutrition helps brain work better
While physical stamina is vital to optimal performance, it is useless without the mental endurance to back it up. An improper diet will slow mental reactivity time and lead to overall sluggishness, which is something you simply cannot risk in the field.

Herbalife Shake Recipes

Do You Want To Commute With A Bike?

These days, more and more people start to commute by biking, but it comes up another question, which is how to choose the best commuter bike for yourself.

Best Commuter Bike

Everyone knows that choosing a right bike could be the daunting task since there are hundreds, if not thousands, models on the market. Fresh riders or bike commuters don’t know how to pick the best one that suits them the most.

People wrote me that if I want to transport the venison that he froze after hunting, what’s the best bike for commuting? I always suggest him to buy a bike a pannier, or set up a quality rack on the back wheel.

But, I am not the expert of commuter bike, so if you’re reading this and considering buying a bike for transport or everyday commuting, I found a site on the internet >> You could find all kinds of bike that good for commuter.

So, hope that would help.

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I Dreamed About My Ex. Are You Like Me Before?

I know, some may think hunters shouldn’t dream like that, but I must confess that, I’ve been dreaming about my ex for couple of days.

So, what does it mean when you dream about your ex, you may ask?

If you’re anything like me, deep in a relationship before, you may want to know the answer.

So, in this post, I’d like to recommend a new site for your. Its URL is

After you visit and read though some articles on it, you will understand:

1. do you really need to get your ex back or not?

2. if not, how to get rid of this person entirely in your life for good?

3. you want but you can, so how to keep distance with your ex, but still in touch, or in friend’s zone?

and much more..

what does it mean when you dream about your ex

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