You are a hunter but want to start woodworking DIY, but how?

Recently, a few hunters told me that during the time not hunting season, they wanted to transition with their woodwork shop, the question is how?

Luckily, I’m a hunter and a woodworking lover. So, to answer that question, I always suggest them start with getting used to band saw. More importantly picking up the best band saw that suits their needs most.

Still, there comes up another question –  how to choose the best one? Well, I’ll suggest you read as many as band saw reviews as possible! Why? Because let’s face it, there’re hundreds, if not thousands, of band  saws out there, produced by different manufacturers. So, you gotta be very careful about picking, specifically if you never use that kind of power tool before.

I found a great site on the internet the other day, hope you guys could find useful. The URL is, where everything about band saw is covered. So why don’t you visit that site if you decide to start some woodworking in your workshop?

band saw reviews

So, hope you enjoy this article, and until next..


You hunted the games down, then what?

Considering this situation, you hunted the games down, cut the meat to slices, then you’re hungry and tired, what you gonna do? Cook and eat!

But, have you ever consider what is the easiest, if not laziest, way to cook the meat you just got? Lemme give you some ideas – smoke it, and with electricity, which is using electric smoker.

In case you never heard such thing exists, I found a great site on internet called Basically, this site is helping you how to choose the best electric smoker that fits you the most. Although if you dig harder, you will find many reviews about this product category online, this site nearly contains all the info you should know before you actually smoke that meat.

So if you want to eat something like the food in the image below, why don’t you give electric smokers a shot(especially the ones from Masterbuilt)? You will definitely find that investment the best decision you ever made, because it’s so easy and so powerful.

So,  good luck and happy smoking!

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