7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself before Buying A Crossbow

When looking at crossbow reviews online, one of the most important things you can do is evaluate the material objectively. Buying a crossbow can be an important decision, especially if it is one of your primary hobbies. Provided here is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before you buy a crossbow. By assessing the various parts of the crossbow, you will find the right fit for you.

Crossbow reviews tend to focus on the physical aspects of the crossbow: the weight, arrow drop yardage, vibration frequency, etc. And, these aspects are all important elements of the crossbow. The best crossbow will answer all the following questions resoundingly:

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1. What is an appropriate weight for my crossbow?
This has a lot to do with feel. When deciding which crossbow is best for you, weight is an important factor. Crossbows typically weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. A lighter crossbow can provide more agility, but you have to be wary that you are giving up too much power if your crossbow is too light. It is recommended to go into the store and try out each crossbow for yourself. What weight is appropriate to you?

2. Is this price within my budget?
Crossbows can be expensive. A nice crossbow will typically run you from $300 to over $1000, this is a big investment for almost anybody. It makes sense to check your budget and make sure that the crossbow you buy fits within it.

3. Is the design appealing?
You’d be surprised to find out how many different kinds of crossbows there are. There are designer bows with spacy designs, and more traditional crossbows. Pick a design that you enjoy looking at. Crossbows are durable and it’s likely that you will have yours for a long time to come.


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4. Is the vibration too high? Or just right?
Vibration is an important element of the crossbow, the best crossbow will have vibration that won’t rattle you. Vibration is measured by M/S2, which is the acceleration of meters per second. You’re going to want your crossbow around 30, too much higher than that and you have too much vibration.

5. How fast does my cross bow shoot?
Check how many feet per second (FPS) your crossbow covers. Better bows tend to be faster. Also, the best bows for hunting are the fastest. A good rule of thumb is to get a crossbow that goes faster than 320 FPS.

6. How loud is your bow?
The quieter the better in most cases, measurements are in dBA (A weighted decibels). Around 100 or less is going to be the optimal range for most bows

7. Is the grip comfortable?
Many crossbows come with a variety of grips. Make sure that your grip has enough “stick” to hold onto your cross bow, even in wet conditions.

Thanks for checking out this review, when you ask these 7 questions you are sure to find the right cross bow for you.

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